July 31, 2008

The One with all the Afghans

My thoughts for the day:

  • It's so exciting to finish a book, but so sad when you realize you've finished.
  • I love that one of my best friends can just stop in on her way to and from Canada and the US. Even if it's just for 20 minutes.
  • I love finding common bonds with new friends.
  • We got a package in the mail yesterday. It was from our good friend, Faith. She crocheted us a beautiful ivory afghan with brown edging as our wedding gift. I was almost moved to tears. She said, "I couldn't bring myself to sen an 'ordinary' present to two people who are so special--so I made one instead." How cool is that?
  • Is it weird that I'm so excited to be going to the town that I grew up in, then I grew to dislike, but now find comfort in? Maybe it's because I still call it "home." Is that bad? (I mean, I have moved on, I've left my parents to cleave unto my husband and all that. But that place is just know as "home" in my mind.)
  • I actually pulled out one of my textbooks today to read. Well, actually I wanted to use it as a study guide alongside my Bible. It's funny how much I loved my classes and now I'm learning to love the textbooks too. Granted I had awesome textbooks. This one is a guide to the Prophets. I was reading Obadiah.
  • What should we have for dinner?
  • I wish I had money to spare on items found at an extremely oversized rummage sale.
  • I can't think of anything else. If I do, I'll let you know.


  1. I know what you mean about books... I think you should have taco's for dinner, and my mom says the place you grew up always has a special place in your heart - she still calls the farm "home."

    2nd-ly - I saw the afghan- very nice Faith!!

    3rd-ly - I'm going to bed to await a very important phone call!

  2. Ok again..I know what you mean about the "home" thing. I say it all the time....but then I correct myself. I say, "We can go home...err I mean my moms house on Sunday." Or something to that effect. Ryan knows Im getting used to it and I know that my home is with Ryan now. It probably just takes a while.


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