July 24, 2008

On dating

A date is what you make of it. That's what I say. That's what I'm learning. Yesterday around 2pm, Kevin sent me a message from work saying there was a staff vs. organic lab soccer game at 3pm (apparently there was this big tunry all summer and this was the "finals".) He asked me if I wanted to join him. I wasn't necessarily in the mood to change out of my jeans and sweater (yes...it was about 70 in our house all afternoon...glorious!), but when he said it could be a "cheap date" I thought I'd oblige. That said, around 2:40 I grabbed my bike and was off to Wayne's chem bldg. Kevin met me at the corner of Mack and Cass and we rode the rest of the way together. We stayed until half time and rather enjoyed our bikeride home. Kevin took me home on a different, more exciting route then we usually take. We rode all the way through downtown on Woodward, past Comerica Park, many high class restaurants, and of course the sky scraping buildings. It was a ride I wouldn't have wanted to take alone, but following my love made it quite fun!

Stella is coming for a visit tonight around 9pm on her way to pick up a friend at the Detroit Metro Airport. I'm really excited to visit with her before she leaves for grad. school in Florida...especially since her car broke down on her way to our wedding. I think I shall whip up some banana bread and maybe have Kevin make some coffee (since I'm really not that great at it...)

This weather is my most favorite! The last three days have been cool, sunny, and breezy. Awww...basking in the glory of it!

And in closing, I'd like to share a prayer that a friend prayed over me a few days ago.

LORD we know that you are a provider. You have proved that time and time again in your word and in our lives as well. Remind Melanie and Kevin that You would not have made them, created them, and brought them together if You were not planning to and able to take care of them and give them what they need. Teach them what is a necessity and what is a want. I pray in this time they would draw nearer to You and nearer to each other. LORD I pray that you would provide a job for Melanie. God I just feel like you have something bigger than she might even be thinking of right now. I ask that you would open some doors that they might be able to continue forward in this time. LORD we ask for supernatural provision. I pray that when they need something it would arrive. LORD you are our shepherd and we lack for nothing. We claim that promise today. Amen.

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