July 17, 2008

On Tired Apples

So I would have loved to be journaling about my restful week out at family camp, but unfortunately my computer chose this week to die. Yes, it's been acting very tired lately, but the other day it refused to restart correctly. I'm hoping I have everything backed up elsewhere cause we'll probably have to wipe the harddrive. poo.

Anyways, in a nutshell (that I will probably expand on later) the days have been great. I run each morning at 7am (it's been tough getting my muscles to cooperate like they did only a few weeks ago...), I eat breakfast, read, go to the morning missionary sharing and Bible teaching from 9:45-11:45, eat lunch, then spend the afternoons sunning myself on the beach with my new interest in literature...Lori Wick's Rocky Mtn. Memory Series. After dinner we go to the evening worship service, and in between everything I have great fellowship with my new family and so many friends...both old and new. :)

The beach is calling my name.

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  1. lovely... but so sad about your computer!!!


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