July 6, 2008


I haven't felt this lousy in a long time.  [at this point, I began to share the details because I'm not ashamed...but I figured some of you might be weirded out by that. so you're welcome.] Basically everything between my legs and my neck is not happy.  

Today was a wonderful Sabbath (despite the maladies).  Sunday school was once again a great time of fellowship and I was so thankful for my Sacred Grounds mug full of french vanilla flavored coffee.  We're feeling more and more at home with each week.  After a blessed service of communion and worship, we talked with a college-aged couple sitting in front of us and learned about a great Christian ministry group on Wayne State's campus that often gathers with the "Crew" from U of Michigan, Michigan State, and many other big local schools.  It'd be great to be connected to something like that!

Another gentleman talked with Kevin for a long time while I was talking the Pam (the college girl).  As we were on our way out of the sanctuary another woman introduced herself and found out we had just graduated from Spring Arbor.  Immediately she called her slightly-annoyed teenaged daughter who plans on attending SAU in the fall.  We chatted with the Millard women for a while, I got myself hooked up with the memory verse cards all the way back from January (that should keep my afternoons productive), and I grabbed the latest copy of the FM magazine Light and Life.  Pastor Scott caught us right before we were about to make our exit and told us he and his wife had been hoping to ask us to join them for lunch this afternoon.  But because planned changed for them, we're looking forward to hearing from them sometime this week and getting to spending some quality time together.  

We had a delicious lunch of lasagna (thanks to the Eccles and Somerset frozen leftovers), fresh garlic biscuits and Italian salad.  I did some laundry and some decoration brainstorming [and have come to the conclusion that having one of those TLC or HGTV room makeovers would be the perfect solution] and the two of us enjoyed a "pop ice" while watching the second Matrix film.

ooh, I just remembered!  We did some on-line shopping yesterday!  Kohl's was offering free shipping with an order of $75 dollars or more and we still have a stack of gift cards...soooooo...we have an iHome [a sound system for our iPODs, just so you know what your money went to, Grams], a marble rolling pin, and a bath scale coming our way!  woot!

Closing a relaxing Sunday with Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition and a bowl of cereal was just right.  

for the application I put in for "Central receptionist" to the Office of the President at WSU.
for these physical ailments.
for the upcoming time we'll spend at family camp & whether I should stay the week.

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  1. Melanie . . . this is God. I think you should stay at family camp this week.


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