July 21, 2008

Back to the drawing board

Kevin and I never would have dreamed how wonderful it would feel to be back home again. It's a different feeling then either of us has experienced in the last 4 years of college life...where you feel comfortable many places but not quite "home" anywhere.

After a hot but very beautiful week, the weekend brought lots of rain and miserable humidity. I hated the feeling of sleeping in sheets that felt damp and yucky...but I loved having Kevin beside me once again (even if it was too hot to be near one another...). On Saturday we ventured into Jackson to spend some of our remaining gift cards. We had $100 for Best Buy which we put toward a new printer, ink, and paper--very exciting. And with our Kohl's money we found Kevin 4 great new shirts, and a skirt and 3 shirts for me. I'm trying to plan ahead for the job I might get at some point in the (prayerfully) VERY near future. Speaking of which, I still have not heard a peep from any of the places to which I've applied. I'm hoping to hear from Old Navy or Target because they both had "hiring" signs up, and it's nearing "back to school" shopping and college kids are going to be on their way out. So PLEASE pick me!

During the week at camp I was actually able to get to know some of my new church family better. Many of them were camping and would spend the afternoons on the beach just like I would so conversations and new introductions were many. Emily's mom brought up a great idea for a job opportunity for me...a paraprofessional position she knows of in one of the area schools. The prospect of being a teacher's assistant, working part time and having weekends and holidays off would be perfect for me I think. But really, Kevin and I are praying harder each day that God will provide...it's so hard to trust sometimes.

We have been so blessed by our families. Remembering how difficult is was just "starting out" our parents have all been more than willing to help us financially, take us out to a dinner treat, or even just send us home with lots of food leftovers. It's quite amazing. Thanks.

I can't stop talking about the great church services, missions updates, and bible studies that I attended this week at camp. I think I've been in church enough times to "cover me" for the next few months. Ha,ha! (just kidding...) But seriously, all the messages were so challenging, such a blessing, full of conviction, and overflowing with encouragements to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Though I don't believe I have a call to full time missions, my heart has been pricked many times for many years to get involved in international ministry in some way...whether it be going for a short term trip, connecting with established missionaries, or one day supporting them financially. Hearing the need for any form of assistance down in Haiti where the Snyders are ministering really sprung up a hope to one day fill a need in that corner of the world. I love the way my heart has been moved to dream for as Kevin's grandma said yesterday, without dreams nothing would ever be accomplished.


  1. You will be in my thoughts as I too will be venturing out this week to start applying to places for a job. I'm nervous and kind of feel like theres some pressure on me to find one. But its comforting to know that you too are still trying to find one.

  2. darling: my dad was talking about missions last night because my cousin just got back from a 3 week mission trip to Zambia and was spending the night at our house ad because we as a family are pretty passionate about missions, (you know how I feel about mission month....) But he said - people have asked him why he isn't a full time missionary and he tells them -
    "Some people are called to work here and make the money that gives them the ability to support the missionaries."

    Yet you can always do short term trips here and there too!!!


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