July 24, 2008

me:::a to z

ok, before I start the second post of the day, I must admit that the "a to z" portion of this title reminded me of the Friends episode where Chandler, Rachel, and Phoebe are trying to find their Christmas gifts from Monica. Instead they come across their gifts from Chandler...one of which is a set of book ends in the form of the letters A and Z. Subsequently, the girls make ridiculous fun of his "az." Now on to me.

A. Attached or single ? Attached and loving it!

B. Best friend ? My lover (& more girls than I can list...)

C. Cake or Pie ? Pie...especially of the berry sort.

D. Day of Choice ? Friday or Sunday. Can't decide.

E. Essential Item ? Water Bottle

F. Favorite Color ? Blue

G. Gummy bears or worms ? Worms...the sour neon ones to be specific.

H. Hometown ? Ashtabula (sound it out...."ash-tah-beula"...not "ash-tah-boola")

I. Favorite indulgence ? Books. Or Chocolate. or Both.

J. January or July ? January. Yay snow!

K. Kids ? Ummm, some day...in the distant future...for sure.

L. Life isn't complete without ? Relationships:::with Jesus, husband, family, friends, etc.

M. Marriage date ? May 24th, 2008 (oh, hey...it's been 2 months today!)

N. Number of brothers & sisters ? One gorgeous sister (and one awesome brother-in-law.)

O. Oranges or apples ? Apple girl all the way (anything except red delicious. BORING.)

P. Phobias ? Pillows (or anything) covering my face. Bridges.

Q. Quotes ? "The glory of God is a man fully alive." (Irenaeus)

R. Reasons to smile ? This is a ridiculous question for someone like me who smiles all the live long day (except when I'm stressed, or ticked, or cranky)

S. Season of choice ? Winter (again I say, "Yay, snow!")

T. Tag 5 peeps ! Britt, Magan, Ash, Angie, Maria

U. Unknown fact about me ? *thinking, thinking...* I know more about golf and it's players then any other sport.

V. Vegetable ? Broccoli.

W. Worst habits ? Biting my fingernails. Worrying. (they're kinda tied together I think...)

X. X-ray or ultrasound ? Umm, what???

Y. Your favorite food ? FRUIT.

Z. Zodiac sign ? Scorpio (and so is my husband...makes life interesting don't you think? *wink*)


  1. you.

    ps. this is my word verification today: ydisx

  2. I love that quote from Irenaeus! Good stuff...

    And I agree about fruit and chocolate. Both are amazing.

    Isn't blogging fun?? I like yours and will be your faithful reader.

    God bless you, amiga! :D

  3. I too am amazed at how technology can answer our questions (almost) instantly. With 3d ultrasound, I also saw the face of our baby a few months before due. Amazing!


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