July 23, 2008

The things that make you go "awwwww"

Kevin's parents' outdoor cat, Twiggy, had four kittens about five weeks ago. Kevin and I stopped by the house the first weekend of family camp and I was dying to see the little guys. I had never seen kittens so tiny and so adorable. They fit right in the palm of Kevin's had. We both fell in love with them--especially the only yellow one. It's not exactly the right time to take on the expenses of a pet, but man oh man is it ever hard to leave them behind. We lovingly named "our" kitten Frisbee (gender neutral...since you can't really tell yet.)

The second weekend of camp, we stopped by for a visit yet again, and were pleasantly surprised to see how much the kittens had grown...and how they were actually learning to use their legs. :)

Aren't they just irresistable?


  1. I sneezed just reading this. Really, I did.

  2. that makes me go awww for sure.

    PS. I don't like how other ppl are taking your pictures anymore - that was my job..... (pouting - cuz I miss you)


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