July 5, 2008

mmm, mmm good

Thanks to the July 4th celebration honoring our country's freedom, Kevin had the day off.  (Three cheers for our first holiday together!)  We had made plans the night before to return the few duplicate wedding gifts we had received.  I was finally able to pack away the stack of decorations into the closet and I came across the "to be returned" box. 

After a relaxing Friday morning of pilates and video games, we were off.  Here are some of the highlights of the day.

1.  Taking the wrong exit and driving a few miles around in the white ghetto is not being lost as long as you know the general direction you're going.

2.  The potholes in Detroit desire to devour your car whole.

3.  Finding a two year old Target gift card that still works is the best!  A big thanks to Kevin's uncle for fulfilling my dream of owning a pilates mat.  

4. Spending returned gift money is amazing when you haven't spent any money on anything except groceries in over a month...even when you spend that money in part on groceries. :)

5.  Best Buy is a man's second home. I truly believe that.

6.  It was extremely tempting to buy the full 10 season dvd collection of Friends for $189 at Target (it was $225 at Best Buy), but we couldn't rationalize that amount of money at this point.  (Blast you, joblessness!) We're definitely thinking we need to start building this collection--season by season (or the boxed set would be fine too.  *hint hint*)

7.  The first ever date and eating out since our honeymoon was more enjoyable and delicious than you could imagine!

8.  Panera's bread bowls are a little taste of heaven.

9.  We visited the most racially diverse Walmart that exists.  Seriously there were at least 5 different ethnicities seen with every turn of the head.  way cool.

10.  Getting a Wii would be a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

11.  I can't wait to start a wedding scrapbook.  As soon as I come across a stack of beautiful background paper and whenever my mom and I get around to ordering pictures...

12.  Kevin took me to Salvation Army today!  We were on the hunt for wall decor for the loft, but we came away with a purse (ON SALE).  I used to be a purse fiend, but haven't been able to convince myself to spend money so frivolously...but $2.42 is worth it for a Relic purse.  

13.  If anyone comes across a comfy couch or chair...let us know.  Or a wealth of sweet posters. :)

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  1. hey, you could order the 10 seasons of friends on amazon used..i got all 10 seasons (box set) for 140 dollars!!! GREAT SHAPE and that is only 14 dollars a season! just a little sidenote ;)


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