July 8, 2008

Why pay salon prices...

...when Aldi's sells shampoo that I'm pretty sure is Pantene in a different bottle?

Is it illegal to break a lily off the plant outside our apartment building?

Why do the dark red Starburst tropical jellybeans taste horrible when all the rest are wonderful? (except for maybe green.)  And no, I don't think it's because this bag is from Easter.

What should I fix for dinner?

Is it ok that I was thrilled to see the UPS guy...because he had our new iHome in tow (so really I was just excited about the package)?

Why is it that 3 out of 4 of my friends spell "ridiculous" "rediculous"?

Where on earth did my Relient K tshirt disappear to?

In conclusion:  I wish Starbucks wasn't so overpriced.  or so overfattening. 


  1. why do you only credit yourself to having only 4 friends?

  2. ok ..u talking about me?? HAHA i spell rediculous the way I want!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA


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