July 10, 2008

10 year old classic films

I love the Parent Trap (the "new" one...as in from 1998.)  It brings back such amazing memories.  It was my favorite movie for the first few years it was out, and I believe I still have 90% of the lines memorized.  (My knowledge of this script is surpassed only by Remember the Titans at 95%.)  Anyways, it's been on tv like 3 times in the past few weeks, and though I haven't actually sat down and watched it straight through, the times of slumber parties, sleeping bags, and giggling over ice cream came flooding back every time.  [wait a sec...times haven't changed that much. :)]

Today was quite productive for me, actually.  After the typical morning routine, I made my way out to the car and up I75 (with no bumpy/shaky car when accelerating past 65mph...thanks to that new tire!)  I first stopped in at Target and spent about 30 minutes filling out the online in-store application for employment.  After deciding that I was no longer restricting my "hours of availability" to the day shift, I believe I have a much better chance at getting a job.  I am now claiming 6am-9pm Mon-Sat and 2pm-9pm Sun. as times available for work.  The slight inconvenience in my typical lifestyle will be made up for with financial stability.

Continuing on down the lane of stores, I stopped into Borders and filled out an app though they aren't officially hiring.  Then I went into Bed, Bath & Beyond for two reasons--purchasing a gift for our friends' wedding on Saturday and turning in another application.  With bag in hand I headed out the door and into Pier 1 Imports.  The manager (I believe) met me at the door and handed me an application.  They are hiring part-time employees and after conversing with her for a bit I believe I made a good impression.  Getting exhausted and slightly famished by this point (2 and 1/2 hours from when I left home), I stopped in Michael's (who isn't hiring) and then went into Old Navy.  They had signs posted claiming one could "inquire within" to apply for employment.  I spoke with a really great girl (around 28...seemed to be a manager of some sort...) who pointed me to the online application process and then proceeded to ask me to leave my name and number with her so when my app shows up in the system she'll remember me!  woot!  I would really like working there I think...and they have insurance and other benefits and probably some sort of employee in-store discount. =D   (Not that I love shopping at Old Navy or anything...)

Feeling good about my productivity, I went quickly through Meijer doing some grocery shopping before making it home for a late lunch.  

Tomorrow will be a day for finalizing the packing for our "family" camping trip out to Somerset.  I'm getting quite excited for this outing--both for the time Kevin and I will spend with friends and family and [bon]fires, but also for the Mon-Fri I'll be staying out there by "myself" enjoying time for relaxation, worship, and fellowship.  mmm, mmm.

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  1. Sounds like you were at Fairlane Green, maybe? Target or Old Navy would be awesome! What about bath and body works or one of the craft stores?


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