August 1, 2008

The One with the Old School Christian Rock

....Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. (And if you don't, we're not friends anymore.) (Ok. Just kidding. Mostly.)

I'm way excited to be picking up my love from work around noon and HITTING THE ROAD! It'll be great arriving before dinnertime for once...with a stop for shopping in Mentor. It's a favor for my grams, but we figured we could check out what the dept. stores have to offer us as well. (or at least that one place called JC Penney where we have gift cards.) And arriving in time for a homemade roast dinner sounds amazing.

I hate when I'm angry and irritated for almost no reason. Does anyone know what I'm talking about. Ugggg. It's so awful. For everyone in the vicinity.

I wish bananas did go brown so fast. I like them firm and yellow.

Three cheers for family weekends!



  1. Yes I know exactly what you mean when youre just irritated and mad for no reason at all. It bugs me more than it bugs Ryan I think.

  2. Have a wonderful time in Ashtabula, Mel!! I'm going to my mom's for dinner tonight, too. I absolutely love cooking for my brother and myself, but yes, mom's homemade dinners are the best. :)

    Will you make more banana bread with your annoying bananas? Your recipe when we stopped in was really yummiful.


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