July 7, 2008

this just in.

First of all, you have to help me get famous.  Click on these links and vote for the pictures I uploaded to the Jones Soda website.  Eventually, one day, one of these photos might possibly make it onto a bottle of this pure cane sugar soda.  If you have any other questions about the company, ask my friend Magan. 

Ok, moving on.  Actually, no I'm not.  I think I'm going to upload a couple of my favorite pics that are being reviewed at this very moment by the Jones Soda staff.  (or not).  [10 minutes later:  it's official.  I hate the blogger photo uploader.  The pictures never go to the right spot on the page and they do bizarre and irritating things.  I quit with that for today.]

Last night, I had the worst time falling asleep.  It happens about once every 6 months or so.  You see, typically, I fall asleep within 10 minutes of climbing under the covers, but last night my mind was racing as it does biannually and it took probably 2 hours for me to get completely to sleep.  Apparently my restlessness kept Kevin up a bit as well, but he wasn't as annoyed as I was about the whole ordeal.

So this morning, equipped with the list I had formatted during the hours in which I should have been sleeping, I began packing supplies for our first ever camping trip.  Sheesh.  Our poor little car is going to be filled and just for the weekend???  Maybe that should be reason enough for me to stay the whole week.  (oh, ps, Sara... thanks for the opinion...you're helping...) :)

Oh, and I was this close (imagine the spread of my fingers) to bidding on the Friends 10 season collection on eBay.  But we decided we just can't.  Not now, not for a while.

pray, pray, pray. 

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  1. Two things . . .

    First, I don't know if you read that last comment or not, but it wasn't my opinion. It clearly said, "This is God." And we both know that God is known for using my blogger account to leave comments.

    Second, I own all 10 seasons of Friends and would be more than happy to loan them to you for as long as you'd like. I know you'd probably like to own your own set someday, but if you're just looking for a fix, you can get them at Family Camp and just send them home with your inlaws when you're done. Actually, I'm missing ONE disc of season 3 or 5 . . . so you might want to buy that season. Anyway, I'm just putting that out there . . .


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