April 28, 2010

The One which Mimics the Tilt-o-Whirl

Don't mind the title.
It's just that this post is completely non-cohesive. 
My reasons for writing are many. 

Here they are in no particular order.
(Because seriously, what would a tilt-o-whirl post be if it was orderly?!)

Because I curled my hair. 
With my new Conair curl-o-matic curling ironing.
Ok, so that's not the real name. 
But that's what I'm calling it.
It's the exact iron I was wanting.
And when Aldi got it in on a special for $7.99--HECK yes. 
That thing was in my cart lickity split.
But then of course I put it back.
Because I can't spend more than $.99 without triple thinking it over.
But after the "triple think" I decided all systems were go.
I'm so glad I bought this baby.
I had a blast curling my hair with a curling iron that actually stays hot after each curl.

Because I'm wearing a dress.
And because I'm wearing leggings.
Leggings are THE most comfortable form of clothing ever invented. 
If it were appropriate, I would get rid of all of my pants and only wear leggings for the rest of my life. 
But alas, it is not appropriate. 
Believe me, you should be thanking me for this decision.

Because my lilac bushes are in BLOOM. 
I heart lilacs.
They smell like heaven. 
And they're almost that beautiful.
I cut a bunch of buds and brought them inside.
Then I utilized the Kerr canning jars. 
Isn't that just the prettiest thing you ever did see on a Spring morning?!

Because it's officially GARAGE SALE season!
Kevin didn't work Friday so he willingly came after I asked him in the sweetest manner I twisted his arm/begged and pleaded.
But he really was fun to have around.
I just had to keep my "browsing for browsing sake" to a minimum.
The first sale wasn't even open when we arrived--oops!
But she was totally fine with us browsing through boxes and such.
For a total of SIX dollars (yes, $6.00!) I came away with:
  • one adorable shimmery teal wallet.
  • one Martha Stewart cookbook (looks like new!)
  • two "gifts in a jar" recipe books (this will be uber useful--what a great way to branch out from the plain old cookie in a jar.)
  • one pair of blingin' (for me) sunglasses. 
  • and three adorable dresses
One of the dresses fits me perfectly and is super funky and looks adorable with my leggings.
The other two were just right for one of our teens.
I saw them and knew I had to have them for "our girls."
AJ loved both of them.
They were just right for her.
And she couldn't believe I had bought her two dresses "just because."
Best. feeling. in. the world.

And because I'm in LOVE with my new monogram tote from Swagger.
A couple weeks ago I won a fabulous giveaway over at Kevin & Amanda's.
A $50 gift card to shop at Swagger.
It took multiple "shopping trips" filled with browsing to narrow down my favorites.
Kevin helped me decide on the final choice and he was definitely right on!
The tote I picked out is adorable.
And durable.
And enormous. yet has little pockets for cell and such.
And the monogram in "hot pink" on the front?
I may have a slight obsession with monograms.
And I thought the "hot pink" just added that feminine touch I was looking for.
Don't you love it?

And along the way as I made my final Swagger purchase, I had a lengthy email conversation with the owner.
Mandy is wonderful.
She gives the best customer service I have ever encountered.
She replied quickly.
Corrected glitches with class.
And made me feel like I was her only customer.
Which, I'm pretty certain, is not true.
You should definitely consider Swagger for your next gift purchase.
It's got great ideas for wedding party gifts,
Mother's Day, Father's Day,
New Baby Day,
and just-because-I-deserve-a-little-something-special-Day.

Immediately following this poor lighting photo, I dropped our little Samsung point and shoot on the cement.
It doesn't work so well anymore.
If anyone is looking to sell their digital SLR (for a price that this cheapskate would consider), look me up!

And this concludes my "most random picture post of the week" post.
Just kidding.
But seriously, don't miss the lovely little "Spring Showers" memories post!


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  2. Your hair looks great, the lilacs are beautiful, awesome garage sale finds, and what a cute tote!! Fun post, Melanie. :)

    ~ Love & Blessings,
    Lindsay <3

  3. Love the hair, the garage sale deals and the purse! :)

  4. Wow, you're a good shopper! I'm not - I love it but I'm not a good bargain shopper at all so I really shouldn't do it very often:)

    I'm obsessed with monograms as well. I think every outfit my son wore for his first year said "jack" somewhere. The trouble is I couldn't use it again, but I've passed them along to a friend with a Jack so at least they are getting more use:)

  5. I like your posts, always so random! And yes, leggings are the most amzing thing you could ever wear! I so wish I could wear them all the time. Thankfully, I do a lot of dancing, so at least I have an excuse. ;)

  6. I like your random posts!

    I am with you on the leggings, but of course I grew up in the 80's. Great deals at the garage sales! Cool bag! And about your new camera you want... I got a Digital Canon Rebel XT brand new with lens, case, 2 batteries, 8 gig memory card for a total of $410 (which included the shipping) and Ubid.com. got it last June and LOVE it!!!

  7. Oh, my...your hair?


    The lilacs?


    Garage Sales?

    My FAV!

    The purse?

    I want one. :)

  8. I LOVE lilacs... do you have a special way to allow them to last longer once cut? You are so lucky, in WI our lilacs are starting to bloom but not ready to be cut yet!

    What a cute tote!!


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