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Hello, friends! 

We're Kevin and Melanie Eccles and on behalf of us both, I'd like to tell you how happy I am to have you share in our lives. Here you will read about our Jesus following, marriage loving, infertility journeyingyouth group leadingpiano teaching, money saving, mile running (*ahem* just me, for now Kevin gave it a full effort and I'm officially off his case), cookie baking,  Netflix watching, music playing, book reading, tea drinking lives

My name is Melanie, and I was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio—in a town that borders the shores of Lake Erie and whose only claim to fame is an extravagant number of covered bridges. My parents loved the Lord and instilled that same faith in my younger sister and me. My love for Christ deepened as I grew older, and eventually I found myself at Spring Arbor University pursing a degree in Philosophy/Religion. I LOVED my four years at SAU and I will try to recruit you (or your kids) into attending. *wink* On the first day of my college career, I became fast friends with a boy named Kevin, and before I knew it, I had fallen deeply in love with him. (Admissions counselors were right. "We're like a shoe factory--match up their souls and send them out in pairs."

To this day Kevin makes me laugh hysterically; he is faithful, he listens, he always protects me, he proudly proclaims his love for me, and he never seems to run out of forgiveness. In many ways, my husband is my living example of the love of Christ Jesus. I am so thankful we said “I do” on May 24th, 2008, just one week after college graduation. [Read all the ins and outs of our Our Love Story HERE.]

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Kevin is eleven months my junior and was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. He is a proud, loyal fan of the Detroit Tigers, wishes the Lions could get their game together, and never doubts the talents of the Redwings. Growing up near Ann Arbor means he'll always bleed Maize & Blue (aka University of Michigan football) no matter how flirtatiously I bat my Ohio State BuckEYEs at him. (Am I not awesome for knowing these sports facts?!) For many generations, his family has been most decidedly Free Methodist, giving him a solid Wesleyan foundation for faith and living. Just like me, his parents have always been intricately involved in church ministry whether on church or camp boards, or working at our favorite FM University (*cough cough* Spring Arbor). Kevin loves playing PC games with his college friends, he can do long math calculations in his head (watching his eyes beat left and right as he thinks is pretty awesome), and the guy has a memory like you wouldn't believe. He can still play late intermediate level piano solos that he memorized more than 10 years ago! (I pretend to be angry.)  

Our life since our wedding day has been a bit of a roller coaster as we follow the path God has drawn out before us. It has been four years since we were called into youth ministry (first methen him), and we are both so passionate about our work with teens.

The most recent development in our journey is Kevin's call into seminary. You might not believe he is a chemist who was pursuing a PhD in Biophysics when we got married. (He's super smart. And I don't have to do any math any more. I just ask my husband.) Thus, you can imagine what a great turn our lives have taken since we've both shifted to a ministry focus. (After all, I thought I was marrying a scientist. Goodness gracious.*) He began his Master's of Divinity program at Northeastern Seminary, and in August 2011 we moved from Southeast Michigan to Western New York. (For those "outsiders," no we're not anywhere near NYC and WNY is the area around Buffalo and Rochester.) In the time when Kevin is not doing seminary work, he is performing his duties as full time Youth Pastor at a wonderful Free Methodist Church in the middle of the most quaint little town ya' ever did see

*just to be clear, that was slightly sarcastic. I really did think I was marrying a future chemistry professor, but I am over-the-moon proud of Kevin's pursuit of ministry and I am convinced God is going to continue to weave science and faith into our lives and work. 


I partner with Kevin in the youth ministry, leading small groups of middle school and high school girls and helping him plan special events for the group. My weeks stay busy with worship team responsibilities, providing childcare for a Moms' group, and orchestrating family & children's events for the church at large. My main priority outside of the church is owner and teacher at Eccles Piano Studio. I teach private piano lessons out of our home--a job I absolutely adore

We have all but literally watched God's hand at work in our lives since we made that life-changing decision to pursue vocational ministry. We're continually on the lookout for what God might have in store for us next, not wanting to become complacent, but being eager to follow his lead. 

On the rare occasion we're not talking about our ministry or physically being in ministry, we enjoy eating delicious food (if you want to send us a restaurant gift card, you just let me know), reading our favorite books (including Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter), listening to and making awesome music, playing with napping with our kitty, naming all of the stray cats of the neighborhood, watching long marathons of Doctor Who or The Office or Friends or LOST, and taking long walks while dreaming about our future. 

We pray the stories we share in this space would encourage you and foster community among us. 

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