August 31, 2011

The One with Miss Type A

It's amazing to me how quickly people have me pegged. No matter where I go my personality comes out almost instantly, despite my efforts to start fresh. I think I'm doing a great job of being Miss Go-With-The-Flow, but somehow everyone deduces the truth--I'm a bit of spaz. I try to be Miss HappyGoLuckyLifeofTheParty, but after an hour or five, my cover is blown. They figure me out. 

High School.
New Town # 1, 2 or 3. 

I simply can't avoid the real me.

Truth is, I'm an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of girl. I've been that way since high school. Just ask my dad--after youth group events, I was the one pulling him out the door so I could "get to bed." Yes, I was not the coolest 16 year old.

Not much has changed in the last decade. I'm always aware of the clock as my bedtime draws near. I just know my body, and I know I need X amount of sleep. So what if I'm a party pooper? If I missed out on late night goofing off in the dorms or fun outings to Denny's? At least I wake up happy and well-rested in the morning. Friends from college know this about me well. And they know not to expect it to change any time soon, even if I don't have class at 7:25am. 

Truth is, I'm a homebody. Always have been. Always will be. I'm not ashamed to admit this. Again, it doesn't make me the "cool kid," but if given the choice between a fun party and a quiet evening at home, I would always choose the latter. I love people. I'm at ease in groups of any size. But at the end of the day, I'm energized by down time

Truth is, the lists of confessions could go on and on. But it's not really necessary. Everyone's got me figured out already.


All that is true. But.

Despite what I'm not, I also happen to have a love for good times with good friends. Games. Food. Conversation. Laughter. I love it all. So don't be afraid to invite me to a party. I will have a good time, and I'm make sure everyone else does too. I just might have to say goodnight a little earlier than others. After all, I couldn't work with teens if I didn't love a good time and if I didn't learn how to go-with-the-flow. You can teach an old fish new tricks. :)



Do people know the REAL you? 


  1. I always try to let people know the real me. I wear my feelings on my sleeve, so even if I tried to hide it - I doubt I'd be successful! I think it's so important to allow people to know the real you, otherwise, what's a friendship about??

  2. Hey Melanie, nice to meet you! I have a lot of Type A characteristics like you as well. I had never missed a college class until I met my husband. Then he made me skip a class just so I wouldn't graduate college never having missed a class. It almost killed me to miss that class!


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