August 19, 2011

The One with My First Photo Gig

Kevin and I have long been discussing and dreaming about becoming a professional wedding photography duo. I like details and artsy perspectives. He enjoys editing and managing the "big picture." In December we purchased our Canon Digital Rebel and have been learning the full extent of its abilities ever since. I still have so much to learn, but the best way is hands on experience. It's like becoming a church pianist. One day you just play for "specials" and the next, someone hears you play piano and you're playing week after week. You don't really know what you're doing, but you've GOT to figure it out. :) 

That was July 23rd for me. Kevin's dad does some wedding photography as a side business and took our photos on the day we were wed. He was going to be photographing Kevin's cousin's wedding in Indiana and asked Kevin and I to be assistant photographers. Kevin would be doing most of the photography. I would set up the poses. 

But at the last minute, Elise, the aforementioned cousin, needed Kevin to step in as an usher. He accepted. And I was launched into full-assistant-role. There wasn't too much pressure, but I wanted to do well and learn quickly

It was a fantastic experience, and felt pretty good about how I set up shots and how much I learned about my camera (and lighting and composition and and and). I loved being in the moment, working hard to capture the essence of every loving encounter, every playful exchange. Kevin and I spent many hours wading through the high number of photos to narrow down the ones that deserved editing. Then, the other day, I finally had the time to edit. Adobe Photoshop is brilliant, by the way. 

And so, friends, I give you--my favorite shots from Elise & Matt's wedding day (Congrats, guys!!):















  1. I understand that dream.. The best thing is to get lots of shoot time in and experiment with the camera.. I am learning a lot.... Keep it up!


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