August 28, 2011

The One with the Fancy Schmany Date

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Sometimes I just need carefree time with my husband. Outside our predictable, routine life that I love so much. (I really do.) But when he says, "I think we need a date night," I fall a little more in love with him. (AND when he shows me a buy one entree get one free coupon for Ruby Tuesday, I am all for it. This man knows the way to my heart. Good food. for cheap.Oh! and did I mention we were using an anonymous gift someone had sneaked into Kevin's pen cup who knows when and who knows how long ago. THANK mysterious gift-giver!)  

He was gone for the large part of the day--8am to 4:30pm--at an introductory spiritual retreat for his new Seminary program. You know how I spent the day. It was nice to have some alone time, but I loved having thoughts of our date floating around in the back of my mind. Yes, it's always nice when it comes dinner time and don't know what to make and he suggests a date. But having this night out planned in advance, complete with an email invitation? I mean, seriously. That's romance to me. 

When he arrived home, I quickly changed into the cute dress he bought me on our anniversary. This necessitated a outfit change for him, which he wasn't totally stoke about, but he seemed to think it was it to have me in that dress. *grin*  

And we were off. Coupon in hand, maps drawn up (we're new to the area, give us a break!), me hoping I wasn't going to freeze in the restaurant. (Freezing temperatures really put a damper on my enjoyment.) 

Thankfully, Ruby Tuesday had chosen an appropriate temperature and we both ordered the perfect meals. Steak, cheesy mashed potatoes, and onion rings for him. Chicken, steamed broccoli and balsamic tomatoes for me. 

For dessert? We took a stop off at Sam's Club (where I felt WAY overdressed), did a bit of wandering and bit of shopping, and shared a $0.97 ice cream cup. Yeah. We're those people. And we like it that way.

Through all of this, there was gloriously deep conversation and amazingly rich laughter. My favorite combination. 

A seriously perfect night

And now, in thinking over this summation of our evening I've come to the following conclusions--I like coupons. food. advanced planning. and talking and laughing with my husband. 


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  1. This date night did sound wonderful, and so romantic. Sounds my kind of night...dessert and all. Love, Mom


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