August 16, 2011

The One with the Sappy Kitties

For the sake of complete honesty and because I seem to have an affinity for sharing my embarrassing moments, I will now expand about the "goodbye" entry from yesterday. 

I miss my cats. 


It wasn't until we said goodbye to our Butterscotch (after already giving Maisy a new home) that I realized how attached I had become. Those little rascals really kept me company. Even if they didn't do a whole lot, just knowing they were there, asleep in the other room, ready to receive my silly conversation and my need for snuggles--it made me feel comfortable. Hearing Butter's crazy-long back nails tapping along on the kitchen floor or knowing he had laid down because of the loud THUD. Maisy's little happy purr in response to anything I had to say always made me grin, and having her sleep on my head during the night (albeit annoying was lovely in a way.) 


I loved our gatos

Now, if detailing a few of the reasons I loved wasn't ridiculous enough, brace yourself for what I am about to tell you. 

The moment we closed the door behind ourselves after waving goodbye to our crying, scared-out-his-mind Blubberscotches (another loving nickname), I started sobbing. Over-sized tears pouring down my cheeks, staining my tshirt. And I couldn't. stop. Kevin kept holding me, listening as I confessed how crazy I was for crying over a CAT, and he smiled, but he understood. Butter was my first pet EVER. 

And I had just said goodbye. I was worried about him. Would he be scared forever? Would he miss me, feel betrayed, wonder if we were ever coming back for me? Would he die instantly of a heart attack? 

But all the worry aside, I just really loved that cat with the sway back and the saggy belly. The one that created hairballs the size of small countries. The one who always managed to gouge out a chunk of my leg with his long back claws when he made himself comfy on my lap. The one who made the occasional mess that really grossed me out (and yet I still loved him?!) The one who didn't really love many people besides the two of us. The one who was obsessed with cardboard and Kevin's Converse. The one who made a place for himself on my lap even when it already occupied. The one who was relegated to a life of uncertainty and irritation when the GIRL (Maisy) moved in. (We're still sorry about that, Butter.) The one who tried to took quite an adventure when we lived in our trailer at camp. The one who loved me almost as much as I loved him. 


That darn cat.



  1. Ahhhh, Butter was definitively loved!!! If you didn't cry I think that would be sad. Kitties become a part of your family.... its good to cry. We are already sooo attached to Lily. I woke up this morning to Lily laying on my chest!! It was the best!

  2. Butter was lucky to have you! You were such loving parents, totally what he needed!

  3. If you click the word "gatos" it explains. :) It's spanish for "cats."


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