August 25, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking {giveaway}

giveaway now closed! but even if you don't win the MyMemories Suite, there's still a deal awaiting you. Simply follow this link, purchase the suite and use the coupon code STMMMS86322 when you check out for $10.00 OFF the scrapbook software PLUS another $10 coupon for the MyMemories store!


For the past many years, scrapbooking has been all the rage. I remember going to Creative Memories parties with my mom when I was in high school. I absolutely loved it! Over the years, I collected many wonderful scrapbooking tools and put them to good use. I finished my wedding scrapbook, a Kevin & Mel: The Dating Years, and am part way (a few pages) into a college memory scrapbook. I love sitting down with piles of pictures, sorting, gathering, prioritizing. Then clipping and cutting, trimming and taping everything into place. I love clean, simple layouts with important facts written in the margins. I enjoy using pieces of our wedding cards for accents, or that ribbon that tied another marriage announcement. True scrapbooking. 

But all of this requires time. LARGE chunks of time. 
And space. An area where you can spread out, undisturbed for hours at a time. 
And clean up. Oh the clean up. But hey, it is SCRAP booking after all.

Beauty comes at a price, my friends.

But it doesn't always have to. There's the miraculous thing called digital scrapbooking. Most of us keeping folder upon folder of pictures on our computers, right? And maybe, maybe 5% of them are good enough to get printed. Then only a handful of the printed photos will get used in the ever-dreamed-about perfect scrapbook. 

With this computerized version of scrapbooking you have NO mess! You can come back and scrapbook whenever you want and click SAVE if you're not quite finished. With jobs to go to, friends to be with, meals to make, kids to care for, husbands to love, the physical form of scrapbooking just may become obsolete. Or at least a once-a-year activity. :) rates MyMemories as the top digital scrapbook software on the market. It's easy to use and not to hard on the wallet. So go check it out-- see what all the fuss is about. 


Now, get this!! MyMemories is giving ONE my lovely readers a free copy of their scrapbook software. Yes, please! 

If you would like to be entered to win simply leave a comment on this post telling me why.

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-----BUT WAIT, there's more!!------

Even if you don't win the MyMemories Suite, there's still a deal awaiting you. Simply follow this link, purchase the suite and use the coupon code STMMMS86322 when you check out for $10.00 OFF the scrapbook software PLUS another $10 coupon for the MyMemories store



  1. I would love to win this :) I'm terrible at finding the time to put baby pictures in albums, so this would give me the opportunity to put together a no-mess scrapbook all about my cutie pie son!

  2. I love your Adorkable site, too :) Next, I think you should make a yummy cucumber salad!

  3. I think it would be wonderful to win this giveaway, because I'm so un-crafty :( I wish I could handmake my own scrapbooks, but I tend to cut off heads, over glue pages and end up with a mess (and not a pretty one). Thank you for making this available!

  4. I vote for the Angel Food Cake recipe, because fresh strawberries won't be around much longer in NY

  5. I would love to win the software. I have a lot of pictures, but no creativity nor the desire to invest all the money into the traditional scrapbooking supplies.

  6. So I was thinking. This would perfect for me to scrapbook my adorable nieces. I have three of them now -- hopefully a few more on the way ;-)
    And with a full-time job, ministry left and right, plus a baby kitten... well, there's no time for anything!

  7. I'm also a follower... which sort of makes me feel slightly creepy. =)

  8. I'm no good at coming up with things to bake, so I'll pass on that one... but I tweeted. So I think this is my last entry =)

  9. Because I don't have time to be creative and arrange and glue things to an actual scrapbook. I'm hoping the software will allow me to be creative and speedy! :)

  10. I have subscribed through Google Reader and I think I'm following your page.


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