August 27, 2011

The One with the Book Worm

Today I...

...started book seven of Harry Potter after finishing half of five and all of six in the last week. This is an impressive record for me. Can't. Stop. Reading.

...didn't have time for a full blown, well-thought-out blog post because of my intense reading regimen. So you're getting this list. 

...was disappointed that the "Farmer's Market Downtown" signs seem to have been misleading. 

...met our neighbors, Eddie and Carol. At least I think her name is Carol. Darn it. They remind me a lot of Tom and Donna, our lovely neighbors for years and years during my growing up years.

...almost burnt my perfect granola because I absentmindedly turned the oven to 325 instead of 250. eeep!

IMG_6763 all dressed up for a date to Ruby Tuesday with my husband. Someone anonymously left us a generous gift in Kevin's pen cup (who knows how long ago) with a typed note saying "Take yourselves out to a nice dinner. You deserve it." Well thank you very much, friend!

...painted my toenails bright pink. 

...managed to resist the adorable stray kitten's cries on my back porch. Even after she ran up to greet us (probably smelling our leftovers.) We are calling her Sphinx. 

...reminded all of you to go enter my Digital Scrapbook Giveaway!!

...received tons of helpful job advice (and had some fun conversation besides) from my wonderful father-in-law. 

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