August 20, 2011

The One with Market Thankfulness

I am head over heals for local produce markets, for generous friends with gardens, for weekend farmers' markets. 


For just a few dollars, we can eat the fruit God created for our nutrition and our enjoyment. Sinking my teeth into a homegrown peach is like a glimpse of heaven. Filling our stomachs with yellow squash, green peppers, plums, white flesh peaches, and wonderful corn on the cob brings cleansing. It's amazing how my insides thank me when I fill it with such goodness. 


And eating snacks like this--those peaches I've been dreaming about, with yogurt, and perfect homemade granola

So. Good. 



  1. What a bunch of beautiful yumminess! I can't get my daughter (even at 18) to eat fruit. I always tell her "It's the candy God made!" Oh well, at least she eats a few veggies. Enjoy all the healthy goodness.

  2. Your pictures look so good! makes me want some fruit/veggies! :) hope things are going well for you in your new home!

  3. You probably have not had time yet to read Tom's book, "Farm Hands." If you appreciate local produce now, you'll appreciate it even more after reading FH.


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