August 18, 2011

The One with our Evening at Lake Ontario

You may remember how we've been little party animals since moving to NY. It's been a great way to get to know the people with whom we'll be living life. Connections--true, deep, meaningful relationships--make life beautiful. 

The second week here, we were invited to join a bunch of other church families out at "Getaway Camp"--a relaxed version of Family Camp, with fewer scheduled camp meetings and more time to just relax with your loved ones. Held at one of the 3 church conference campgrounds, this was not the type of camping experience I'm used to. There were street signs. And "cottages"--the size of modest houses. And the most glorious lakeside views you could imagine. 

Lake Ontario was quite rough and tumble when we arrived. The winds were whipping. White caps were plentiful. Kevin and I had a great time freezing time with photography, all while chatting and munching on pizza and s'mores. 

Pastor Randy and Sheryl are definitely fun people to spend time with--and on this bicycle built for two they show some mad skill. 

I'm sure Megan loves me for snapping this picture. But it was just too perfect to keep keep to myself. ;) She has a good excuse for that response to her s'more--that marshmallow was JUMBO!

Kevin was on a roll with the photographing-Melanie-while-she's eating. And I figured it was only fair to Megan that I post one of myself munching away.

And last but not least, the most picturesque photo of the night (with a teeny-tiny-me in the center)--captured by my husband.

What a joy it is to be living so close to the Great Lakes!

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  1. yes, thank you so much for sharing.

    (I have a camera and a blog too, you know...)


  2. awe - you made me homesick!! I'm from western NY and spent lots of time at Lake Ontario!!

  3. You can think of me every time you go to Lake ONTARIO!!!


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