August 13, 2011

The One with the Quad Complaint

Wednesday morning I decided it had been far too long since Jillian Michaels and I hung out. We were pretty much bffs for a year or more, but in the last few months, I've been doing a whole lot more running or stationary-biking or Pilates or yoga. The cold months of January and February were filled mostly with 30 Day Shred just because of time constraints (and maybe a wee-bit of laziness thrown in.)  

Before I got hooked on 30DS, I was rotating between No More Trouble Zones and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. Those two workouts are 40-50 minutes long, and man-o-man do they make me sweat. No matter how accustomed and capable I was to the routines (after months and months!) I still felt the burn. 

That brings us back to this Wednesday-scenario. I put No More Trouble Zones in the DVD player, knowing full-well I would be aching the next day. This workout is done with weights and incorporates lots and lots of squats. My quads are probably the most in-shape muscle in my body, but no matter. Jillian gets paid the big bucks for a reason. She knows how to get me sweating. It felt great

Until Thursday morning. For the next 36 hours I could barely move. I am not exaggerating. The mere thought of walking up the stairs to our bedroom or bathroom was like torture. My legs almost couldn't lift high enough to make each step. If Kevin put his hand on my leg, I shrieked in pain. It was pathetic.  

The next two days I took it easy--went on a walk and did Pilates. But on this beautiful Saturday morning, I could move without wanting to cry. VICTORY! It felt like a running sort of day. So I mapped out a path and hit the ground running. Yes, my quads still hurt a bit, but it a successful run. So successful in fact that I will proudly report 4.7 miles run in 39 minutes--an 8.29 minute mile. WOOHOO! 

Take THAT, Jillian! 

how are YOU staying in shape this week?



  1. mel- that's awesome. & you can feel even better about yourself... unless my math is way off, that's closer to an 8:17 mile pace ;o) congrats!

  2. nevermind-- just saw that you said 8.29 and not 8:29! so my math may be right, but my reading is off! :o)

  3. I am not keeping in shape at all... I have thought about doing some Dance Praise, but alas I have not!

    oooh I did walk around Cedar Point for a day to the point of legs aching! That must count!


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