August 29, 2011

The One with the Friend I Needed

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Just as I needed that lovely date night with my husband, I discovered a need for quality time with a girlfriend. Or, rather, God knew what was necessary to fill my spirit with His grace. 

Friendship. Time together. Souls sharing. 

One of my great new friends, Denise, wanted to spend some time together, and we decided to take a walk (closer to a hike) through this glorious cemetery. It sounds creepy, yes, but this is the most amazing places to visit, to picnic, to walk, to photograph. The roads are seemingly endless, curving this way and that, steeper and steeper. The grounds are carved into incredible levels, adding dimension and unique character to the tree covered acreage. And after taking in the beautiful weather, the rich history, and the good company, we headed to Tim Horton's. I indulged a bit in a hazelnut frappuccino topped with real whipped cream. Yum!   

And through all this we shared stories--some that were small and silly and others more life changing. And my heart was filled with exactly what it needed. Listening. Laughing. Being open, encouraging, relaxed. 

I am thankful.

I've been pondering friendship--How they begin, how they take root, how they matter. What are your thoughts?

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  1. It sure does sound like God has been giving you just what you need in the perfect timing of events. I have always said, "to have a friend, you must be a friend." Pretty profound, I know:) You know your mom.....


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