September 24, 2011

The One with What Makes a Good Weekend

Awesome things about this weekend include...

game night with Randy & Sheryl. We love hanging out with them. All four us spent plenty of time laughing hysterically. I found out Kevin had never actually played Cranium, he just assumed he wouldn't like it. But he totally did. And don't let him tell you otherwise. 

my new purse, designed and sewn by a wonderful 9 year old girl who just so happens to be Randy and Sheryl's oldest. It was incredibly sweet of her. And super impressive. I feel loved.

a walk through the mountainous, scenic cemetery with a good friend, Diane. Sweet conversation and elevated heart rate--one of my favorite combinations. Second only to chocolate and peanut butter. 

sending my husband off to do his first major service, dressed up in his brand-spanking-new suit. Man, oh man, did he look good!

just spending time together, the two of us. We watched Soul Surfer together and started our 7th seasons of 24. We played a computer video game together (and I actually enjoyed myself.) We ate healthy meals and snuggled under the afghan.  We walked to the library and to the bank, enjoying the fall sunshine. 

All in all, a lovely weekend. I am thankful.

Did you enjoy your weekend? Do simple things like laughter and turning leaves make you happy too?


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  1. I am loving the fact that sweat pants and sweatshirts are a must for the weekends now.. Loving the comfy clothes that the fall weather brings..


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