September 6, 2011

The One with the Rainy Labor Day

Spending time with my mom and dad Labor Day weekend was lovely. They were able to come with us to our church picnic in which we experienced Chicken Barbecue. This was a local delicacy that we hadn't yet experienced. I said, "I've had barbecue chicken but not 'Chicken Barbecue'." We were in for a treat. The bone-in chicken is covered in the most delicious dry-rub and roasted to fall-off-the-bone-perfection. Yum! And besides that, we have a church full of talented cooks and bakers (and a dairy farmer who generously provided the soft serve ice cream machine!), so our bellies were full! I was happy my parents could meet our new friends and put faces to all of the names we've been throwing at them in our stories. :) 

The weather transformed from a hot and humid weekend to a chilly and rainy Labor Day. (Honestly, I welcomed the cool temperatures with open arms!) Mom and I had a great time meandering around our quaint historic downtown, admiring century old architecture and window shopping. We were especially intrigued by a co-op "browsery" and their great prices, so we went in to visit today since the store was closed on the holiday. We found lots of great items--antique and handmade. I look forward to giving them my business again soon! 

Dad spent some time on the golf course and we all enjoyed a few good episodes of LOST. Yahtzee was played, ice cream was made and enjoyed, sweet corn was devoured--enjoying company as always. 

And on top of all of the fun, mom and dad delivered my sister's modern-style black futon that we're buying from her to give us more usable space in our front bedroom. Kevin is already in the process of making it his music room! Thanks, Ash! And thanks, Mom, for the adorable handmade rug that brings such personality to the space!

What did you do on your Labor Day weekend?

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  1. We didn't get any rain here, but we did get to enjoy some time with my in-laws who flew in from Philly. It was a good weekend! Sounds like yours was fun as well.

  2. You are welcome for delivering the futon to your new home, and for the great round homemade rug we found.
    I, too, thoroughly enjoyed our walks thru the historic Albion Main St., and then the great shopping we did at the co-op.
    Can't wait until we can do it again.
    Love you, Mom


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