September 13, 2011

The One with Today's Thanks

Top Ten {Tuesday} Things I am Thankful For--
Top Ten {Tuesday}

1} the cool weather than blew in this afternoon.

2} a new-found love for rhubarb. (two new recipes will be coming your way soon!)

3} a 6am walk along the canal with my husband.

4} the full moon we saw on our way out on a walk and the sunrise we witnessed on the way back.

5} this delicious creamy, spicy macaroni dish I came up with.

6} my husband sharpening my favorite kitchen knife.

7} the creative juices that have been flowing these past few days as I've come up with new and exciting ways to run my piano studio.

8} deciding to start teaching piano in our new hometown.

9} already having 2 students signed up for lessons and looking forward to the number God has in store for me.

10} a grocery shopping date with a fellow Aldi-lover from church.


What are YOU thankful for this Tuesday evening?

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  1. There is something about a really good really sharp knife. Enjoy.

  2. love aldi. love the cooler weather. love that you teach piano... :) great top ten!


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