September 3, 2011

The One with the REAL Youth Min

a snap shot of the the life of a youth pastor. 
as read in Group Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011

"So your job is to play with teenagers one day a week?"
prep lesson. write message. fix church van. lead kid to Christ. 
"Are you ever going to be a real pastor someday?"
scrape Jell-O off ceiling. lead Bible study. recruit and train volunteers. 
"You're not a parent yet, so you still can't really understand kids."
organize mission trip. brainstorm new game. take students to lunch. 
"I forgot to bring my permission slip, my money, and my Bible."
plan fundraiser. write newsletter. play an awesome game of Ultimate.
"We know it's your day off, but we thought you could help with this."
read text from one kid who finally gets it. survive overnighter. 
"Because of you I am studying youth ministry--and it looks so easy." 
turn in budget reports. listen to the voices of students in worship. 
"You made a difference in my life and showed me God is real."
talk with angry parent. reupholster church pew. visit student in hospital.
"Can you pick me up? I think my mom is too drunk to drive."
paint youth room. plan retreat. endure middle school band concert. 
"Why does it smell like something died in the church van?"
find lost student during scavenger hunt. cry at graduation.   


  1. THank you! I love it! So often people seem to think that youth pastors only work on Wednesdays and Sundays- and that being a youth pastor is just because you couldnt get a senior pastor position. I love how elloquent you are in writing this! Thinking of you during your time of transition!!

  2. ... Well, I'm not a youth minister/pastor per say, but I totally understand ALL of this!
    Good luck to you both on this new adventure <3

  3. Perfectly said - after 10 years as a youth minister I agree with everything :)


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