September 12, 2011

The One with the "Normal" Sunday

Yesterday was a "normal" Sunday--the first in many weeks. It felt good, it felt right, it felt...well...normal. At the church at 7:45am for worship team rehearsal, making last minute changes to the set. It was the earliest I think I've ever been at church, but it worked. Right after practice, it was scurrying here and there accomplishing necessary tasks and joyfully greeting friends. I had to stop in the middle of a conversation when the time to start playing had rolled around.  

Following the first service, I chatted for a moment before making my way up to the senior teen Sunday School Class where Kevin was co-leading. I had to ask directions on my way. Hey! I'm still new(ish) here! At the end of class, Kevin and I enjoyed our typical, playful banter while talking with the teens. (We're generally well-received as entertainment by our audiences. *teehee*) 

Right after Sunday School, I headed back down to the Sanctuary to prepare to play piano for the traditional service. Bring on the hymns! This was going to be my very first 2nd service--seeing as how the church had been doing 1 service through the summer.  It was probably entertaining to watch me go back and forth from the piano 3 times as I thought there was more time between songs than there really was. :) All went well, however. I survived. I played...fairly well.  

And all just felt right. Being super involved in Sunday services has been my normal for the last 3 years. And it was good to be back to normal. 

What's your Sunday morning normal?

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  1. Your scurrying describes my typical-normal for Sunday mornings, but this fall I am trying to scale back, to offset the scurrying I do the rest of the week! So glad to have you and PK here -- thank you for all you're doing.


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