September 19, 2011

The One with His Specific Provision

I'm at a loss for words at God's goodness. His provision. His forethought. And His passionate attention shown to the innermost aspects of my life. 

In the months before this big move, across states and into faith, there were many prayers offered. We sought wisdom--where to move, where to live, where to go to school. We asked for financial provision for which we couldn't prepare. And beneath all of the food-on-the-table and roof-over-our-heads requests, we sought a place to belong. That third component of full life--where relationships become as integral as breathing--was a silent prayer, pondered deep in my heart. 

And my God knows me so well. He knows my deepest needs, my heart's longing. 

Something like this should takes years to develop, but God planned differently. He wanted me connected. Sharing lives, shoulders, dreams, and hurts. Supporting another just as I need support. 

I have already made so many wonderful friends here. But today, this afternoon, God gave me a glimpse of His glorious plan for my life in the time I spent with the friend my heart has needed. I am thankful beyond words, excited beyond description. My heart is overflowing, tears of joy stream down my face. 

Thank you, Jesus, for your care, your provision. You are so good to me. 

Do you believe life is richer when truly shared by a friend??

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  1. Melanieeeeee! we miss you!
    -Brooke&Alisha&Katie Farris (:


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