September 30, 2011

The One with the Extra Mile

Because I love ya, because I'm a bit proud of myself, and because I left you with quite a teaser yesterday...

...I will share with you the other new (awesome) thing I did this week. 

Wednesday morning, my wonderful friend Sheryl and I planned to go for a morning run on Thursday. I woke up with a jolt. Thank you very much, alarm clock. I had just gotten into a good sleep. Oh well. I knew I would feel better after a run. 

Fifteen minutes later, I was on my way out the day. In a moment of unusual motivation, I opted to run to Sheryl's house--3 miles--and then run for 3 miles with her. Running together is so great. I've always wanted a running partner and now I have found one--and she just so happens to be a great friend, too. 

While feeling great and talking along the way, we both decided to be extra ambitious and add a mile to the end of our run. We finished strong--Sheryl with her third run over 3 miles and me with my first ever 7 mile run. I was so pumped and proud of us both! 

Today, I am thankful for strong legs for running, a heart that can keep beating hard, the perfect running partner I've been desiring for years, and the added motivation to keep each other going. I never would have had the gumption to force myself to add a mile. But with Sheryl, it didn't feel that bad at all. It was actually kind of fun. Watch out, world, we'll be Olympic runners in no time! (HA!  At least we'll be in great shape. :D)

do you workout with friends or solo? do you even work out? you totally should. It rocks!

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