September 27, 2011

The One with Beans Coming Out My Ears

I have been going a hundred miles per hour in 10 different directions lately--but loving all of it! I'm not usually a fan of this-is-what-I've-been-doing-in-the-last-48-hours type of posts, but this is good stuff that I want to remember and I'm a little impressed at how much I've been accomplishing. tee hee. 

Sunday was busy, busy, but beautiful! We spent the afternoon chatting, laughing, and eating a healthy (thank you!) and delicious lunch with Brian & Karen and their son. It was great fun! They are so easy to be around. You know how it is when you just feel comfortable? Yeah, it's nice. 

After we rode our bikes home (yep, total bonus of small town--almost everything and everyone is a 2-10 minute bike ride away!), I headed back out. This time to Sheryl's for an afternoon of green bean snapping and sweet conversation. You know me and my love of productivity mixed with fun.* The two of us had a great time together, as always, and we both have a freezer full of beans. yum! 

*disclaimer--I also thoroughly enjoying sitting and doing nothing productive other than reading, watching tv or playing games with friends.   

Bible Quizzing and Youth Group filled the rest of the night, and Monday morning I hit the ground running. I had another Etsy Adorkable Bakery order to bake, package and ship, a dozen cookies to send off to my friend Betsy for her birthday, a meal to prepare for a local family needing dinners for a week (potato soup, homemade bread, and cookies), and then an afternoon of canning tomatoes. Sheryl and I are both novice canners, but we managed to get 9 quarts of tomatoes canned. And boy is that a process! We were both super thankful to have each other's company. Chores are always more fun with friends. 

That evening I went home with jars of freshly canned tomatoes and a bag of chopped peppers for the freezer, then headed out to drop off the local family's dinner. They were thrilled--especially with the bread--which made me super happy. I made it home just in time to deliver that batch of Adorkable Bakery cookies and then Kevin and I headed over to the high school volleyball to support one of our teens. (This made me miss our Michaela!) We had a great time and then enjoyed our evening at home together. 

I've been almost as busy today.--filling another Bakery order (coffee speckled chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered butter toffee--amazing stuff that is!), preparing to add a third student (!) to my piano studio this Wednesday (*cue cheers of excitment*), making chili with some of the leftover tomatoes from Monday, searching for cheaper bakery and shipping boxes online, and balancing our checkbook. Starting the day with a bike ride to Sheryl's followed by a 4 mile run together was the perfect way to start the day. 

And now, having re-read what I just typed, I'm tired all over again. I might just need a nap. 

How have YOU been these last couple days?! 


  1. You have been busy girl! Slow down and remember to enjoy life too!!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that me, Alisha, & Abby are all quizzing! :)


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