September 22, 2011

The One with the True Haggler

Tonight my mom called. We chit-chatted for a while and just before hanging up, I remembered a story from last weekend that I just had to tell her. By the end of my re-telling, we worth both cracking up with laughter, just about dying over the ridiculousness of the story I had just told. 

The story you are about to read is true. None of the details have been altered in any way.

This past Saturday, as I got back from my long-ish run (5 miles in 40 minutes thankyouverymuch. woo!), I decided my "cool down" would be walking with Kevin to the Rummage Sale at the Knights of Columbus hall just around the corner. This would kill four birds with one stone. 

1. get first dibs at the sale.
2. cool down from my run. 
3. go for a walk with my husband. 
4. spend time with my husband. 

Much to my glee, he agreed! And off we went. 

When we arrived, I was a bit confused and kind of bummed. This wasn't a rummage sale at the Knights of Columbus. This was a the-Knights-of-Columbus-need-to-sell-all-their-old-junk-because-they-sold-their-building-sale. I took a courtesy look around. You know the type. "Yeah, I don't really see any way I'll find something worth buying here, but because I'm here, I might as well look around and pretend to be interested." 

We made our way into the bar area of the hall and found boxes and boxes of glassware. There were these adorable little glasses I wanted to get, but Kevin quickly informed me they were shot glasses, so I moved on. (I'm naive, what can I say.) But then, my husband, who has a teensy addiction to glass ware and always seem to find a glass he just has to have, found a box of 96 drinking glasses. Sure, they're probably beer glasses, but they are the "regular" height of a water glass, and have a uniquely small diameter, and a sweet frosted look. Kevin convinced me to buy some of them with this argument-- "they're so compact, lots more glasses can fit in our cupboards this way." True. And he of course mentioned how awkward it is to drink out of our square-ish glasses. (He and my mom just get totally thrown off and don't seem to know how to drink out of them--do you drink from a corner or an edge? So funny.)

Anyways, I conceded and we filled a box with 16 glasses. Yes, 16. 

I then set out to choose a price. Glasses are cheap at garage sales. And abundant. Plus, I can buy new glasses at Walmart for very little money. 


I decided I wanted to give the guy one dollar

With that in mind, I approached the older gentleman at checkout counter. He asked another guy, "Hey, how much do you want for these."

"Five dollars." 

"Five dollars?" I reply. "I'll give you a dollar for them. Glasses are cheap." 

"Not those, they aren't," the man replied. "Those are worth $5.00."

"I'm sorry, but I won't give you any more than two," I said, standing firm. "I can't get glasses almost that cheap brand new. And besides you have a box of 96 of them back there."

But the guy wouldn't budge. 

Another gentleman approached us and offered $3.00. 

"Nope," I said, "I'm not going any higher than two dollars." 

(Yeah, this is for real, folks.) 

They turned me down, so I sent Kevin to return the glasses to their collection. 

(I've gotta give my husband some mad brownie points for this too. He never took control of the situation. He knows I'm hardcore about garage sales, and he let me handle it. Thanks, babe.) 

While I was waiting for his return, the only lady working with this rummage sale was standing in my vicinity. She had tried to talk the guys down in their price, but those men were certain their glasses were worth more. 

At that moment, she leaned over and said, "You can have them for two. I'll go get him." (him, being my husband.) 


Kevin was totally stoked to get his box of awesome glasses. I, on the other hand, was totally irritated that I had to spend a whole extra dollar to buy him his glasses. (And no, I'm not joking. I was actually irritated.)

Now, a week later, I'm happy. The glasses are super cute. And he was right--many more glasses can fit in my cupboard this way. And I don't regret that extra dollar one bit.


Anyone else out there a haggler?!  Or am I crazy and alone on this one? 

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  1. Great story! I'm a little bit of a haggler, but definitely not as hardcore as you!

    By the way, I've nominated you for a Blog on Fire award. Go see my blog to find out how to claim it :)!

  2. Generally, I'd say I'm a non-haggler. The way I see it, the people on the other end of the deal also need the money (esp if it's a rummage sale at a church or some-such), so with small amounts, if I can afford it, I don't mind (give or take a few bucks). However, if I'm spending other people's money, the way I am with the non-profit org I lead, I have discovered I can negotiate with the best of them! :-)

  3. I love that! I am not the haggler I should be.


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