August 31, 2008

The One with the Great New Outfit

Sunday in a nutshell: Could have let some unfortunate travel events put a large damper on the day. Didn't. Leisurely toured every aisle in Sam's Club alongside my husband. Had fun. Spent money wisely. Have a full fridge. Love large canisters of animal crackers. Appreciate deep life-altering conversations. Loved laughing at that one movie. Wish my stomach would stop rumbling. Can't believe he's off for the forth day in a row tomorrow. Yippee. :)


  1. I hope you're having fun with your husband.... I wrote a blog called in a nutshell and then you put that in your blog too!!! Lol!!! Please call me sometime......

  2. Interesting . . . I walked ALL OVER sam's club trying to find a large canister of animal crackers and couldn't find them anywhere!


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