August 27, 2008

The One with the Last Minute Tigers

A long while ago, Kevin's chem lab bought a batch of tickets to go to the Cleveland Indians v. Detroit Tigers Game on August 26th. Back then, we had zero dollars to spare and I decided not to tag along. Kevin's prof. very kindly paid for his ticket, and I was glad he could still go have fun. Last night rolled around (what a gorgeous night it was for a baseball game) and one of the individuals had to back out at the last minute...leaving an extra ticket...for ME! Kevin was especially thrilled to have me along. We had a great (free!) time (despite the fact that I was torn between the one sports team I ever loved--the Indians--and the team that was on my new "home terf." Oh, well, I figured I could be happy either way. The Indians schooled Detroit. hee, hee.)

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. We're so jealous! It would sooo nice to just hop on over to Comerica Park! We'll have to see you guys soon...we're waiting for a weekend game so Hailey can enjoy it too!


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