August 21, 2008

The One with Children's Literature

This morning, whenever I'm done eating my breakfast (a new favorite by the way...oatmeal with peanut butter melted inside!), I plan on driving down to Aldi. I haven't been to this particular store since the car broke down forever ago, so I'm a little apprehensive. I know everything will be fine, though, because 1) I love Aldi! and 2) I am going early enough that hopefully the inside of our non-air-conditioned car won't yet reach 80. :)

I am loving Kevin's grad school orientation schedule! He's still going in about the same time, but he gets home around 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon! Have I mentioned how excited I am every day when Kevin walks in the door? I guess not alot changes over 22 years--I was always giddy when my daddy came home from work too. Now I get to be thrilled to see my husband! I love him.

Yesterday, to congratulate him on finishing (and, I later found out, passing the required number) his 5 proficiency exams, I baked half a batch of oatmeal cookies! They turned out perfectly! The only problem was Kevin had eaten the student-led international potluck for lunch and came home feeling not quite right. :-/

I love having the ellipse just upstairs. Not only is it great for days when we're not biking, but it's perfect for days when you get your bike downstairs only to discover you have a staple in the front tire which released all its air. *sigh* Stupid biking in the city. But seriously, I love the ellipse. The first 2 days using it were a little rough. Every different type of exercise requires different muscles and different stamina and it took a few tries for my body to "remember" that [I used to be awesome at it!] :)

In closing, I would just like to say that Nate the Great is amazing!

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  1. yeah for loving your husband!! I want to have one too.... sigh. Canada just won horse back riding. I wuv you!!!


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