August 9, 2008

The One with Super Cool Stuff

We had an absolutely fabulous day with Mom & Dad Eccles and Brian. (Preceded by a pancake breakfast in bed!) They arrived at our apartment around 12:30 and we immediately partook of the delicious lunch they had packed to share with us--baked subs (satisfying my pizza crave), juicy apples, and Harvest cheddar Sunchips. It was great. Then we made our way in, through, over and around the Detroit construction to find ourselves at the Detroit Zoo around 2:00. They bought season passes and somehow managed to get Kevin and I in with their family pass for free! Super cool. The penguins were the first stop--thanks to mine and Kevin's request. They are just hysterical. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with scattered showers. I was so excited to fulfill my dream of visiting a zoo. I just didn't think it would come true so soon!

After a great afternoon, we came back to our place and rested a bit while watching the Olympics. (Opening ceremony, anyone? How awesome are the Chinese at choreography???) Around 6pm we started up the grill and Kevin cooked the awesome marinated chicken. We also had baked potatoes and mixed fruit. Our conversation was sweet and the evening ended perfectly with a big slice of chocolate cake (with chocolate frosting of course!) This was another one of my recent this was way cool. :) (And no, you curious ones...the cravings are not an indication of anything...)

P.S. Kevin just told me I had good posture. It made me smile.

So now it's soon to bed so we can wake up refreshed and ready to hit "America's Roller Coast"!!!


  1. Love the pics!!! Can't believe you've never been to a zoo!!! Where are the super cute Penguins you speak of? I Need Pics, I don't believe you saw them.... ps Nich said that Boston has the best Penguins at their zoo.... have to make that a goal of yours now. Have fun at Cedar Point - wear sunscreen! I got a little burnt there last week!!

  2. You're so adorable! Haha but seriously I love reading your blog it makes me smile.

  3. Nice pictures, Mel. :-) I thought I might clarify getting you guys in free. We got a family pass plus four additional passes for the year, we bought the passes at the zoo Saturday to use two for you but the zoo mails the passes to your home instead of giving them to you right there. They then let you take up to four extra people in the day you buy the passes, so it's like getting your four passes and your guests go in for free the day you purchase the passes. How cool is that?


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