August 29, 2008

The One with the Crazy Levels

At the beginning of the week when Kevin found out he didn't have to go into work on Friday, we planned an afternoon date to Olive Garden! It's been forever since we ate there--one of our favorite venues, so we've both really been looking forward to it. After a wonderfully relaxing morning (if you can consider 40 minutes of pilates and 40 minutes on the ellipse to be relaxing), lunch time rolled around. (Does anyone else think it's strange that on the days you're allowed to sleep in, you still end up getting up about the same time as usually "scheduled"? Maybe you don't experience this, but Kevin and I both do...and we've decided it's ok only because you don't have to get up then.) Ok...back to the date. It was a bit muggy out (I didn't know this in advance because we've kept our windows closed and the air on low to try to combat the ridiculously awful allergies I've been experiencing...just like I have every August for the last 20 years...), but we both looked quite dapper for our afternoon on the town. :) Olive Garden was quite busy and the service was quite poor, but we still have an amazing time together over a very satisfying meal. Salad and breadsticks are always a must, and my pasta e fagoli soup was were Kevin's two plates of "never-ending" pasta.

After our check was paid, we took a few turns and arrived at the Fairlane Town Center--one of the coolest malls we'd ever been to. The architecture alone was something to be admired. Not only were there multiple floors, but there were "half" floors and flights of stairs and elevators and escalators and ramps at every turn. We had no plans to purchase anything--it had just been too long since I visited a mall and I thought it'd be a fun way to spend the afternoon (people watching, window shopping, and walking off our filling lunch). We both thoroughly enjoyed the hours at the mall and came away with some fantastic buys! I typically hate spending any money on myself and Kevin knows this all too well. While at New York & Company, I found 3 shirts that were on sale and looked absolutely perfect on me, but when I found out they weren't on sale for quite as much as I thought, I dropped them and walked out of the store--very frustrated. Kevin talked with me for a while, pointing out his simple desire to have his wife allow him to bless her with things she would love to have. *sigh* I finally "got" it. In the end, I walked away with those three shirts (where I save a total of $75) and a great pair of brown high heels and black patent leather peep toes (where I save $95!!). It was a great feeling to get such great deals on things I've been saying I need for quite some time. Kevin found the perfect messenger bag on sale (with a built in laptop pocket) and sandals for next summer.

Though my food is still digesting, I shan't forget the wonderful hours we spent on the town.


  1. Um, FYI . . . Fairlane Mall is also regarded as one of the most dangerous malls in all of the metro Detroit area. Just be careful and don't go alone. :)


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