August 8, 2008

The One with all the Aminals

(yes, it's misspelled on purpose.)

It's incredibly wonderful to wake up a little chilly because of the amazingly cool breeze blowing throw the windows. I love that feeling! And it means my husband and finally get to snuggle because it's not a bazillion degrees. :) To top it all off, the temperature isn't supposed to get over 76 today. I could live with this type of weather every day!

Guess what!? Our weekend has become quite exciting! First of all, it's Cedar Point Sunday with my parents and Ash. We have been craving some awesome coasters so that'll be wonderful! And who can beat free company tickets!

And to make things even better, Kevin's parents and Brian are coming up on Saturday and taking us with them to the Detroit Zoo! How cool is that? I've been really wanting to visit a zoo lately. Not sure why, I just haven't been to one in years and years and it sounds so fun! So that's the blessed scoop! (I hope to get some good pictures to let you in on the fun!)

I'm listening to online right now and it's making me really happy. It's the campus radio station and it just gives me a "homey" feeling. :)

Also I'm in the process of setting up the air mattress upstairs to make it into a permanent guest room. It should make it look really nice! And then we're getting the elliptical this weekend too, so that'll go upstairs as well.

Kevin and I had a fantastic spur of the moment date yesterday to celebrate our blessings. We had Panera bread bowls and then did our grocery shopping at Meijer. It may some kinda lame, but we love doing "out of the ordinary" things together.

Happy Friday, People!

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  1. Aw, that's fantastic, Mel! Sounds like God sure is blessing you two.

    Have fun at the zoo and at Cedar Point. :-)


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