August 26, 2008

The One with the Fishies

I just had an amazing dinner! Kevin has a special meal prepared for grad students, so I decided to try something new. I have never cooked fish before, but with tilapia in the freezer, I had the perfect ingredient. :) I baked a potato, cooked broccoli, and sauteed the light fish with lemon pepper seasoning and olive oil. I must say I was impressed! I might just become a lover of seafood. Or....maybe just tilapia. (Much more "fishy" flavor and I'd have to say "no thanks.") What a healthy choice too!

On a different note...
God inhabits our bodies, delighting in every inch of us. Every eccentricity and peculiarity is received. Every longing and self-destructive habit is known. God knows us through and through and still wants to make his home inside us.


  1. This one had no title! I was enjoying the titles. I'll titled it for you...."The One with the Fish" hahaha..okay I'm bad at titling...

  2. YESSSS. Glad you added a title. thank you :)

  3. God is so good. Isn't He?

    All for Jesus,


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