February 17, 2011

The One with Our Love Story. [part 4]

continued from our love story [Part 1] [Part 2] and [Part 3].  

The Perfect Proposal
August 21st, 2007

as recorded by Melanie just days later.

Melanie had spent the evening at Kevin's house and around 10:30pm he was driving her back to Somerset Beach Camp (where she lived and worked for the summer). He started reminiscing about his childhood years spent there, and they both agreed that it was a blessing to have shared a summer of camp counseling alongside one another. As they were pulling into the drive, Melanie suggested they go for a walk on the trails around the lake since neither of them had done so in 2 years. They made their way out to “The Point” (a narrow jut of land in the middle of Mission Lake), and Kevin's arms were immediately wrapped around her.  As they were standing there in the cool fog, hearing the water lapping against the shore, and lovingly gazing into one another's eyes, they realized what a perfect night it was. 

For nearly a half hour Kevin went on and on about how much he was blessed by Mel. He told her how he had always had confidence in their relationship, and that God had granted him complete peace about their future together. After a few more precious moments Kevin said, "But there's one more thing left to do." With that, he got down on one knee and said, "Melanie Marie, will you marry me?" Melanie responded quickly with a gleeful "Of course!"

He placed the ring on her finger, but since it was dark she didn't bother looking at it right away. When she finally asked to see it, he shone the flashlight on it and tears rushed to both of their eyes.  The white gold that wrapped around the central diamonds and the eight smaller gems flanking it on either side was exactly what Melanie would have asked for if she could have come up with the image of that perfect symbol of everlasting commitment.  For the remainder of their time together, they laughed, shared their dreams, and embraced the moment and one another. It was absolutely perfect!

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