February 25, 2011

The One with the Miracle of Mercy Land

It's hard to know where to begin when it comes to River Jordan's novel, The Miracle of Mercy Land. There is so much emotion, so much suspense, so much frustration, so much beauty, so much triumph.  

This book tells the story of the young woman named Mercy Land who was born and raised on the back rivers of Bittersweet Creek under the faith and wisdom of her Mama and Daddy and her Aunt Ida Mae. Throughout the story, she continually recognizes the impact those individuals have had on her life--on making her who she has become. Mercy has a beauty and softness accompanied by a strength and fierceness that are unrivaled, and she uses her unique mix of character qualities to alter the path of her life. 

 She is committed to her work at The Banner, the Bay City paper, and will go to any lengths to present a full, honest story. Mercy is also influenced by Doc Phillips, editor-in-chief of the newspaper. This old sage and mentor of Miss Land, comes in contact with a book that has the potential for changing his life--and the lives of everyone he's ever met. He and Mercy face impossible decisions, all while fighting the overwhelming pull of the mysterious book. 

Throughout this gripping story of love, of commitment, of heartbreak and restoration, the reader joins Mercy and Doc as they play with destiny in a very real way. 

I highly recommend this novel! Special thanks to WaterBrook Publishing for providing me with this book for reviewing. 


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  1. This book sounds quite intriguing. The name Ida Mae didn't go unnoticed by me. I am sure you know who I am remembering with tenderness. Mom


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