February 19, 2011

The One with the Huge Savings!

Now that you know I'm a penny pincher, you might have guessed I'm not a big fan of shopping. I love grocery shopping--I really do!--but I've never been anything close to the typical female shopaholic. When I do feel like shopping, I love going it alone--with my goal in mind and no reason to feel like I'm holding others back. I could spend half an hour looking through one sales rack, after all. My mom has always been my favorite shopping mate, most likely because I learned my habits from her. :) 

Yesterday morning, I had a wonderful date with myself and Kohl's. After spending an hour last week purging my dresser of clothes I haven't worn in years, shouldn't wear again, or are around just for sentimental purposes and have a few too many stains. It was a good feeling. (And I'm sure Kevin will appreciate having half of his dresser back. Yeah, it was bad.) What better way to celebrate that multi-pile purge, than to take yourself on a little clothes shopping spree?! 

Armed with a list, a 30% off coupon, and my gift cards, I was totally stoked. I quickly found the tank tops I desperately needed--and they were 50% off! (Seriously, you should have seen what I was wearing before. blech.) For the next hour, I pushed aside hanger after hanger on the 5 racks of 70% and 80% off sale items. I even pursued the shoe section and came up super lucky! New Balance running shoes--one pair!--a size 8!--for $21! woah! 

In the end, with all of my gift cards and discounts, I spent $17 and saved $360! Four beautiful blouses. Running shoes. Two tank tops, a bra, and a belt. I say that was a morning well-spent.  



  1. Well, I love to shop and I don't think I've ever saved $360. However, where I need your help is grocery shopping. I spend WAY more money than I should there and I know I don't need to!! Anyway, congrats on your great spree!

  2. Great deal on the running shoes. I always buy mine at kohls.. I have some advice for weight loss too... Will post a post or comment back to you tomorrow.. Congrats on the shopping deals...


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