February 9, 2011

The One with the Ache and the Glory

My heart is utterly broken for the loss that our friends' families have been experiencing since last weekend's surprise snow storm. Upon our arrival from our Dare2Share teen conference, we received word that a former SBC co-worker's new bride had been killed in a snowy car accident. Just moments after hearing that devastating news, we were sent to an online newspaper article* depicting a second local accident. Another young woman--this one 37 weeks pregnant with her first child--had had her life taken after a semi truck crashed into the side of the stopped mini van. Though I only knew this couple from one encounter, I know the husband's brother and his wife, as well as his parents quite well. 

Once again. 

Over the last couple days, updates have been posted to facebook and Chad's blog depicting the story of his newly born daughter, Miranda. The baby was delivered after her mother died, leaving her without a heartbeat. The team of doctors and nurses re-started her heart and put the fragile girl on a ventilator. She was also put on a body cooling treatment for the duration of her 3 day life in hopes of stopping the swelling and damage to her brain. 

Last evening, Miranda Evangeline was disconnected from life support

Thousands were praying for this precious baby girl, and reading Chad's unwavering faith in the Almighty God moves me in the very depths of my being. To be stricken with grief. To lose the one who completes you. To be the survivor. To hold your new baby girl all alone. To say goodbye to that precious gift from God so quickly. All the while praising God for his grace and his goodness. Oh, to watch as Chad sets an example of what it means to learn to be content whatever the circumstances.

Chad saysThis has been the worst three days of my life, and yet, at the same time, it has been three glorious days, full of shekinah glory.

My heart will keep aching, but my soul will find reason to be thankful--even in the midst of grief and loss. I am praying the same for Chad and Sara's family.

*for a complete listing of the news articles click here.


  1. it's soo incredible sad. I can't even imagine the heartache..... the pain, the tears.

    there is too much sadness in this world.... but he has soo much strength and trust in God's plan... like Nich & Jennie!

  2. this is such a amazing yet saddening story. My heart breaks for this family yet at the same time I know God has bigger plans. Keeping them in prayers....

  3. Praying for these families. What terrible tragedies. I had heard about baby Miranda and her mother through someone else that I know, and I'm trying to remember who it was...maybe we have a shared connection.

    I feel like it was really appropriate that I started One Thousand Gifts this week. The first chapter is really fitting.

  4. Thank you everyone for your prayers and deep-felt concern.

    Elizabeth, I wonder who it was who shared this story with you.

    and yes...I felt the same way...what I'm learning in One Thousand Gifts is perfectly applicable.

  5. Melanie, I too clear from PA have been following the Cole story. I went to college with Aaron Cole and have seen this story on some of my friends' facebook in Michigan. And I too have felt completely heart wrenchingly broken for this man and in AWE of his faith! I wish we didn't have to go through things in order for others to come to faith, but I know that God will use this heartbreak to bring others back Home. It's interesting that we both know this faimly... I guess we have a closer connection than we knew!

  6. Kelly B, maybe you and Melanie went to SAU. Is that where you knew Aaron Cole?

  7. Yep! I emailed Kelly about it and we were both Spring Arbor students. Small world!


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