February 16, 2011

The One with Our Love Story. [part 3]

continued from [Part 1] and [Part 2]

All my family ever heard about was "Kevin this" and "Kevin that." Things really turned a corner when my birthday rolled around. Kevin woke up at 7:20 to meet me in the DC with a birthday card. So sweet. He left a note on my chemistry seminar door that say, "Happy Birthday, Melanie. She's 19 today." He passed a cute note to a mutual friend who left it for me to find on my dorm room desk after class. (He was encouraging me to leave my homework for later and enjoy the night. Little did he know he would be trying to get me to relax for the rest of his life.) And then he came with me a few friends to a Sanctus Real concert. (Unfortunately, we were the only people at the concert, but it still rocked.) 

A week before Thanksgiving Break, I was working on a big research paper in the library...on a Saturday night. (I seriously don't know what this guy saw in me. I was lame.)  Every 10 minutes I'd check my email and have another one waiting from him. He was so distracting. I was completely intoxicated with him. Finally, he decided we "needed to talk." I met him in the lounge of his smelly dorm building, thinking the worst. (Thinking the worst is my default. Not the best habit to have.)

He sat me down and said, "I don't want to rush you, but I want you to know I'm ready to take our relationship to the next step. I would like to date you, Melanie, but I will wait for you as long as you need. Go home for break and think about it. We'll talk when you get back." 

That was the longest holiday break of my college career. I was thinking, mulling, talking to family and friends. When I had made my decision, I had to sit in a car for close to 8 hours (rather than 4-1/2) in Thanksgiving traffic. It was torture

We pulled back onto campus, and I called him up immediately. We met in the Cougar Den--the little "cafe" connected to the DC. I told him, "YES!" as soon as we sat down. We talked for quite some time about who knows what, and on our way back to our dorms, I asked, "So now what?" I had no idea what to expect, what to do next, what was "supposed" to happen when you're dating someone. Kevin chuckled and said, "Don't worry about it. Just keep being you and the rest will fall into place." 

So that's what I did.

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  1. Beautiful Story... One you will keep forever!

  2. what a fantastic story - just so sweet :)

  3. Smile... I took that picture! He did a great job persueing you right!

  4. what a sweet answer he had to your "so now what?" question! :) and a great picture


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