February 6, 2011

The One with in Face of Life (and Death)

What am I striving for? Why do I rush into the day, so eager to jump into the predictable routine

Exercise. Breakfast. Shower. Tea and email. To Do Lists. Groceries. Meal Planning. Sitting. Talking. Cleaning. Sleeping. 

And why do I run from hardship, pain? From the illnesses, the loss, the arguments, the cancer? These are the evidences of my humanity--that my life is but a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Why do I feel the need to accomplish A, B, and C before death takes me? Why do we pray for more years? To do what? Clean more toilets? Wipe more runny noses? Do more laundry? Work longer hours? Sit in front of the tv? 

What is it that God is calling me to? I am not asking for a glimpse into His plan for my life, but seeking the way in which He is calling me to live my days? Even if tasks are hard or monotonous, painful or exciting--HOW shall I live?

In the first chapter of One Thousand Gifts, Ann walks into the face of her pain, her questions, her anger, her doubt, her sin. And she's dared me to do the same.

But don't worry. Hope is coming. It's in the thanksgiving. (chapter 2).

The challenge of our humanness is to be satisfied with God, and what he gives. How often are we content with what He has placed in our lives? Honestly? Almost never. We are the daughters of Eve through and through as we reject the spirit of thankfulness and beg for that one other piece of fruit.

But, friends, in the midst of the loss, we are being beckoned to acknowledge the ONE who is in control. We should not seek lives free of suffering, free of challenge, free of frustration.

Because only in the darkness can you recognize the Light and truly appreciate its gift and its presence.

When difficulties confront us, we are given the choice to live in resentment or in gratitude. Oh, Melanie. What will you choose? Right now?

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