February 3, 2011

The One with THE Blizzard

You would have thought people in Michigan were afraid of snow or something. The way everyone was talking about THE BLIZZARD was almost hilarious. Of course, I know there are hazards and dangers and power outages that accompany blizzardous conditions, but let's pull on our boots and greet this thing with open arms, people! 

I was totally excited about the prospect of 12-18 inches of snow in our area! (Most likely because I had no responsibilities to force me to leave home in the weather, so I could sit under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and watch the snow roll in. My dad, on the other hand, is the guy who HAS to be out IN the blizzard repairing power for the rest of us. Thanks, Dad.) We are in the ONLY town in Michigan that snow seems to ignore. It's a real bummer for this snow-belt-born-and-raised girl.

The "blizzard" came and went and only deposited 5 or 6 inches of snow. I was not impressed. With the crazy wind gusts, though, we had piles of snow 3 feet deep which really cause some unpleasant issues. Our front AND back storm doors were glazed over with frost and the snow had started piling up in between the storm door and the solid door. Great. 
The roads still aren't perfectly cleared, and schools called off two days in a row. We waited until today--for the snow to end--to start shoveling our way out. Some of the men of the church had plowed our driveway for us (which was totally great!), but unfortunately that left us with 3 feet of iced-over snow packed in front of our garage door and blocking the sidewalk entrance. After my morning work out with Jillian, I pulled on a jacket and started digging. I wanted to contribute to the process because I knew Kevin would do the entire MILE of the back walk way. (Not quite a mile. But it's looong.) The job was MUCH more difficult than I anticipated and my arms are barely operable at this point. I think my heart rate is still elevated thanks to lifting four hundred pounds of snow. Just for 30 minutes. Kevin was out there for an hour. He's my HERO.

I made him hot chocolate. 

Here's praying all of the roads we're about to travel are cleared as we caravan 27 people down to the Dare2Share conference in Columbus. I REALLY don't want a repeat of last year (<--longest post ever). 

(wow. I am ALL about the caps locked today, eh?)


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get a big snow! I was feeling homesick seeing my mom and sisters pics of 18 inches! crazy! we just got ice and wind. very bad for power lines! my dad is a truck driver and he has to be out in it too. not fun!


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