February 1, 2011

The One with the 10 Healthy Life Tips

It has been six years since I started my journey of living a healthy lifestyle. I don't want to spend my life pursuing the latest diets or counting calories--although those can be great ways to jump-start weight loss. I am learning the keys to moderation in eating and in exercise, and I pray you can do the same. I want to create a temple worthy of my God.  These tips are simple, but they've worked for me. 

Top Ten EASY Ways to Live {a little}Healthier
Top Ten {Tuesday} 

1. Drink water. For real. Most of the "hunger pangs" I feel are just my need for water, not food. Water is cheap--a great way to save money while eating out. I (almost) never order a beverage at a restaurant. And if you are able to train yourself to become a true "water drinker," I encourage you to buy a nice reusable water bottle.   My water bottle is my fifth appendage now. I can't leave home without it. If I forget said water bottle, suddenly I feel stranded in the Mojave Desert. It's awful.   

2. Exercise every morning. Walk. Try yoga. Challenge yourself to a jog. Borrow a workout dvd from the library (and then buy a couple you really like.) Force your spouse to join you in your workout efforts. :D At this point in my years of exercise experience, I'm convinced exercise is not so much about weight loss/maintenance, as it is about energizing your body for the day and filling you with exciting endorphins. Those fitness gurus aren't kidding. Even on mornings when I really rather be lazy, I always choose to work out because I know I'm going to feel 100% better. I've never regretted a workout. 

3. Chose Diet Soda. There is no way I'm going to drink my precious calorie allotment. :) Most of the heavy pop drinkers I've known have lost pound after pound once giving up the full-strength-pop addiction. I'm sure it's because I grew up drinking diet, not regular, but the regular stuff is about 200 times too sweet for me now. I bet you can retrain your taste buds!

4. Eat Breakfast. Get that metabolism going! Oatmeal (filled with raisins or apple pieces or walnuts!). Peanut butter toast. Hearty cereal with skim milk. An English muffin and an egg. 

5. Learn to love apples (or other fruit) as a staple snack option. 

6. Limit eating out--specifically fast food restaurants. Try hard to plan ahead for the day--pack a sack lunch and even a few baggies of healthy snacks. By making your own meals, you can know for sure what's in the dishes--sugar and salt and fat levels are controlled by you. (and you'll save a LOT of money.)

7. When you do swing through the drive through, choose items from the dollar menu. Your pocket book and your stomach will thank you. The portions are smaller and much more appropriate and the prices are a bit more reasonable. 

8. Learn to love fresh veggies. Keeping sliced carrots, celery, cucumber, green pepper, or broccoli in airtight containers in your refrigerator makes you much more likely to eat them when you're feeling "snacky." Try a homemade hummus for a healthy and filling dip!

9. Don't deprive yourself of a craving--just eat it in moderation. I have found whenever I say, "Absolutely NO Cookies" I end up gorging myself in a moment of weakness. Knowing I can have cookie whenever I want, takes away the enticement and leaves me to thoroughly enjoy every bite of the non-forbidden fruit. 

10. If you love popcorn, give the homemade variety a chance. Besides the small amount of oil needed to pop the kernels, I just sprinkle it with a bit of sea salt and I'm good to go. I NEVER thought I'd be ok with anything other than "Butter Lovers," but it's totally great and way more healthy. 

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  1. that is a GREAT top ten! perfect for the new year. :) good tips! I love water and I drink a lot of it! planning ahead for meals is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family!

  2. Love this top ten post! You are so right about the exercise and water! They make a huge difference!

  3. good tips, except actually it is prolly best to avoid the diet pop too ;) aspertame...not good. ha


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