December 31, 2010

The One with the Tiring Nothing

Besides going for a run every morning, I really didn't do much of anything this week. I've never been so unproductive in my entire life. (Well, except maybe for that one afternoon sophomore year of college, right, Britt? "The Day Mel Did Nothing." Yes, it was that infamous.) My husband is the sole reason I accomplished so much relaxing this week. He cast a lovely vision for me before we set out on this goal--"Imagine you're in elementary school again and it's summer break. You have no responsibilities besides having fun. What do you do?" Without him all but forcing me to just sit, I would have found things to do. There's always something to do, right? 

I learned a few things from this week of sheer relaxing. First, my initial memory of summer vacation during grade school equals Little House on the Prairie. It was on every morning at 10am I believe, right before The Price is Right. I loved me some Bob Barker game shows. 

Secondly, I can handle some heavy duty television watching. (This is not what I learned. It's coming up in a sentence or two.) It's one of the only activities that requires almost nothing of me. Perfect. The funny thing is, I really do get bored and annoyed with tv after a while. It may not have happened quite as quickly had there been anything new and exciting on (thank you, "in between fall and winter programming." sheesh), but there wasn't. So most of the tv time was focused on dvds--namely SeinfeldPlanet Earth (thanks Mom and Dad E), The Emperor's New Groove (thanks, Brian), Date Night (not as good as anticipated), and Friends. LOTS of Friends. I don't know why, but that is the one show that both Kevin and I can watch over and over and over and over again and still get hours of enjoyment out of it. 

While watching tv, eating meals around the coffee table, and experiencing butt-numbness from sitting on the couch in one position for WAY too long, I also did a lot of blogging (and blog reading) and read a couple chapters in my recent library books--Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry and For Women Only. Kevin said I was "free" to do some baking and cooking if I wanted to, and normally I would have taken him up on that offer. But not this week. After the last month of NON-STOP food preparation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and party after party, I was just plain burnt out. (This was the third thing I learned--the desire to bake really can leave me.) Don't worry. I'm sure I'll be back to it next week. 

And finally, I needed a week where I was allowed to sleep in (till 8!), sit around in sweatpants all day, watch too many hours of television, never bake or cook or clean, beat my husband (for the first time EVER--in ANY game!) at Scrabble, and eat far too many pieces of fudge. It was refreshing. 

But also exhausting. I'm ready for regular life again. :)

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  1. The Price is Right bring back fond memories of my summer vacations too.. Glad you were able to relax this week and looking ahead to be a refreshed person!


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