December 2, 2010

The One with the Fashion Faux Pas

This morning I went to the park to get in my running before the sun had fully graced us with its presence. It was cold. Really cold. And I was super irritated at myself for neglecting to bring my earmuffs and gloves. ACK. The wind blowing across the city's river was not pleasant. But I got through it and was quite happy about braving the 23- degree-but 15-degree-with-the-wind-chill temps. 

After this, I had to drop by a local business to drop something off to a friend and realized I was seconds away from the grocery stores I was planning to visit later that morning. Hmm. I had a predicament. Do I go all the way home, shower, primp, and then head back to exactly where I was sitting right at that moment? OR do I do what I've never done in my life and go grocery shopping in my workout attire? 

Before I knew it, I was calling my husband to have him read the grocery list to me and I was pulling into Aldi's parking lot. Unfortunately, I had arrived 35 minutes before the store opened. Ooops. So I headed next door to Meijer where, I figured, people shopping in sweatpants quite frequently. Right? At least I'm hoping I was right. Thanks to the fiercely cold wind, the sweat on my forehead had dried before I walked in the front doors. (That's really saying something because I sweat like a man. It's not pretty.) 

I went up and down, up and down the aisles collecting my items, but soon realized I was definitely going to have to go to Aldi's as well. I just couldn't pay over $2 for milk when I knew Aldi had it for $1.79 or $1.35 for eggs when my favorite store in the world had them for $0.89. I'm crazy like that. On my way up to the cash registers, I made a brief (yeah, right) pit stop in the clothing department. I was pleasantly surprised. I found a number of sweater dresses I had to have (but of course didn't purchase any of them.) And to my sheer glee, I came across two pairs of "skinny" jeans that were half off--only $9.99. And they FIT! Score! I knew Kevin wouldn't want me to leave without buying those. After all, I have been complaining about my jean shortage for months. 


In heading to Aldi, my hesitation grew. You see, I know the people at Aldi. Seriously. The manager greets me by name. Oh well. I threw my pride by wayside and got the job done. I raced through those stores like I was on some sort of serious time schedule. The reality was that I was still high on my adrenaline from running AND I was really really eager to change out of my workout clothes. blech. 

I can't believe it folks. But today, I was that undiginified person walking through the stores in their sweats. I know, I know. It's not really that big of a deal. But I've watched far too many episodes of What Not to Wear to do something like that with a clear conscience. Thanks a lot, Stacey and Clinton. 


  1. It always bothers me when Stacy and Clinton complain that the person on What not to wear runs errands in their sweats. I go to the grocery after working out ALL THE TIME. And I run into people I know while in my sweaty workout clothes, too. I much prefer to be practical over pretty when it comes to running errands. Some of us can't be professional stylists for our jobs...(but don't get me wrong...I do love that show!). :)

  2. LOL u are hilarious~ i love wearin sweats :) i guess even more so when I am pregnant cuz i wanna be comfy ;)

  3. I have to say I go out in sweats in the am before Jeremy goes to work to go grocery shopping without the kids! lol I'm that person too!

  4. I am known to change into jeans, from sweatpants at midnight to go to the store... like seriously - who is going to be there to judge me! But I can't do it!


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